What is Blue Kangaroo Music?
Blue Kangaroo Music is a company created by industry professionals and musicians as a vehicle to source and assist in placing songs, instrumentals and scores into Commercials, Film and TV.

What do I need to do to get my music in film, TV or commercials?
You would join Blue Kangaroo and be contractually obligated for a certain period of time with Blue Kangaroo Music. This is so we can represent your music to the people that buy music for film, TV and commercials. If we feel that your music may be suited for the catalog we represent, you supply Blue Kangaroo with original pre-cleared music that you own or control and would like placed, including details such as Titles, Length of Music, Composer/Writer names etc. We provide you with all the necessary paperwork related to the process. Blue Kangaroo Music uses its relationships within the film, TV and Commercial music world to try and get your music placed.

I am an Artist, Songwriter or Composer. Do I create an account on this site?
No. The accounts/logins are strictly for those who are looking to license music from Blue Kangaroo Music. If you want us to listen to your music, please visit the music submission page and send us your best work for review. Please be sure you own or control all the samples you submit. We will get back to you if we feel that your material could be represented by us.

How am I committed to Blue Kangaroo Music?
Your relationship with us is Non-Exclusive. This means you can have your music with other placement companies as long as you are not exclusive to one entity. In a nutshell, if we try placing a song for you within 24 months and  do not deliver, you have the option to walk away. If we do deliver, then it makes sense for us to continue placing your works.

Does Blue Kangaroo take your publishing or writing?
NO we don’t. With this agreement, you or your publisher get to keep your publishing and writing

How does the payments/royalties/ work?
If and when there is a chance that your music may make a cut on a Commercial, Film or TV, and we assure that we do our best to get it there, Blue Kangaroo will negotiate the deal for you. It’s in Blue Kangaroo's interest to get the best deal possible. Once we receive the payment for the licensed works, we distribute accordingly.

What if I don’t want my music associated with certain products or in certain scenes in a movie?
While we at Blue Kangaroo totally understand that some artists would not want their music in a beer commercial for instance, we simply can't cater to every possible scenario. So if you know you have strong opinions about where your music is used this agreement may not be for you. Our goal is to exploit and monetize your creative piece of work so everyone can win. You have done the work, now it’s our turn to place it.

As a Music Supervisor, I have had issues in the past with Licensing from a few other companies and using music that has not been pre-cleared. Is your music free for licensing/sale?
At Blue Kangaroo, we guarantee that all the music on our catalog is pre-cleared from artists and writers that we work with. These clearances include Master and Synch. You will have no issues in regards to this aspect.

I am looking for a certain piece of music and cannot seem to find it. Can you help me with something new, based on my requirements?
Our team at Blue Kangaroo Music can certainly assist in supplying music that is based on demand. Please contact us with additional information on the project or production, including timelines, and we will do our absolute best to deliver what you are looking for.